coming undone.

im confused. and i love it. its an adventure and i cant wait to know what happens. i wish i could tell you what im talking about.


EW gave a great review of "pushing daisies" last week which made me full of bliss. id be honored to work there (duh) for a million reasons, not the least that ive wanted to work there since birth. basically.
(so yes, the interview went well).

i got to spend some time with jamie this week, which was nice. i did an overnight at UO and got off at 6AM, which was horrible. i got to spend lots of time with jones during her time off, which was fun. we are on season 3 of "felicity" now! im behind on some of my work and i hope i dont get in trouble but ive also been a little busy too. the biggest drawback to this that ive felt it calling people. i have some phone calls to make/people to see.

the apartment looks so great. jones and i cleaned today which made me happy. and we made my fave lunch together, which was nice. and we watched my netflix movies (shrek 3, oceans 13). i didnt like either.

but mostly, PRunway premiered on wednesday and i totally didnt know! so im excited to catch up this wed., which is also my little brothers birthday. i will see him saturday.

and dont ask me how i feel about the trip to west virgina. because...uncomfortable is the only word i can muster.

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