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speechless hollywood...

is totally brillant. check out all the episodes on youtube.
(ps- R.E.M. has a new CD and a tour out this year. the news has made my day all shiny)

hometown heroes.

i'm like a proud (and very homesick) mama.


all growed up.

21. i can't believe how old he is getting (which means i'm getting older...)
just checked his site, which for years had never been updated and was way too old/uncool for someone of his level of fame...but thats all cleared up now. WHOA! go check it out, i love it!

(ps. yes, this is the week of shaun. just weather it out while i bask in winter x games glow)


shaun took gold in the pipe finals last night, finally reclaiming his throne. i was so happy, although still worried that all this hoopla around him (the x games has basically turned into the shaun white show) is going to his head for real.

in other news, he signed a 10 year deal to stay with Burton. good boy.


part 2.

another cute commercial from oakley for x games 12.
lets cross our fingers that shaun gets gold tonight in the halfpipe finals.

silly boys.

(whom i love)

x games 12 -- day 3.

my shaun wasnt on the first day (i watched anyways, cause i'm a REAL fan...ya know) but he finally came in today for the slopestyle.

....and....he broke his board before his first run. ran on the broken board anyway with an OK run, getting him in 2nd. andreas sat in first after his first run (andreas won last year as well). shaun then changed boards to his halfpipe board and did another....OK run but had a bit of a skid.

so, then he got bronze.
and i almost cried. and he was piiiiiisssssed, ive never seen shaun like that.
OH, baby.
thhhheeennnn... he does pretty well at the halfpipe qualifying, sitting in 2nd to go into the finals tomorrow night, but is a total jerk to Tina (the girl who does the reporting at the bottom of the pipe). it was totally awkward to watch an finally she just walked away. i know he is frazzled but stuff like that makes me really wonder. i've heard that he's super nice/cool and ive heard from other people that he's a total ass. i'd like to know, i really would.

anyways, in other news- tonight was my first night back to urban. hours were getting cut so we all had to leave by 11pm which was so weird because i suspected to be there until 1-2AM and they've never just had everyone leave like that. weeeird. but good too, i guess. i mean, i was already there so i'd rather have stayed and made the cash but it's always nice to get off too.


wise words.

Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do and damned if you don't.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

i need this.

i'm totally poor though, so someone buy it for me. :)



when it rains, it pours.
but i think ours is classy and thats all i'm going to say about that.


the truth about love.

another truth about love/the dating world/that whole 9 yards thing. reading something where it literally feels as if the author climbed into your brain, untangled all your thoughts and then spun them into pure bliss is amazing. that is what follows here (click the truth about love).

two favorite snap shots:

"That we go on at all is a mark of our courage. That we learn the part so well is a mark of how much is at stake."

"If the purpose is to pick a mate for life, you're hardly likely to find a suitable one on your first go. What's more, even if you did get lucky, you'd almost certainly not have the emotional wherewithal to keep the relationship going. Adults often lament the love they had and lost in high school and wonder what would have happened if they had met just a few years later. But the only way to acquire the skills to conduct a lifetime relationship is to practice on the onces you may destroy in the process."

...and then a long but amazing chunk that is basically about one of my theories:

"For all this, there may be a paradoxical logic to romantic love. Imagine a world without it, a world of rational shoppers looking for the best available mate. Unsentimental social scientists and veterans of the singles scene know that this world is not entirely unlike our own. People shop for the most desirable person who will accept them, and that is why most marriages pair a bride and a groom of roughly equal desirability. The 10s marry the 10s, the 9s marry the 9s and so on. That is exactly what should happen in a marketplace where you want the best price you can get (the other person) for the goods you're offering (you).

But we also know this isn't the whole picture. Most daters find themselves at some point with a match who ought to be perfect but with whom for some reason the chemistry isn't there. Why do the principles of smart shopping give us only the rough statistics of mate choice, not the final pick?

The reason is that smart shopping isn't enough; both parties have to close the deal. Somewhere in this world lives the best-looking, richest, smartest person who would settle for you. But this ideal match is hard to find, and you may die single if you insist on waiting for such a mate to show up. So you choose to set up house with the best person you have found so far.
Your mate has gone through the same reasoning, which leaves you both vulnerable. The law of averages says that someday one of you will meet an even more desirable person; maybe a newly single Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie will move in next door. If you are always going for the best you can get, at that point you will dump your partner pronto. But your partner would have invested time, child rearing and forgone opportunities in the relationship by that point. Anticipating this, your mate would have been foolish to enter the relationship in the first place, and the same is true for you. In this world of rational actors, neither of you could thus take the chance on the other. What could make you trust the other person enough to make that leap?

One answer is, Don't accept a partner who wanted you for rational reasons to begin with. Look for someone who is emotionally committed to you because you are you. If the emotion moving that person is not triggered by your objective mate value, that emotion will not be alienated by someone who comes along with greater mate value than yours. And there should be signals that the emotion is not faked, showing that the person's behavior is under the control of the involuntary parts of the brain--the ones in charge of heart rate, breathing, skin flushing and so on. Does this emotion sound familiar?"

save my friends.

as many of you know, hugging a polar bear within my lifetime is one of the most, if not the most, heartwarming of all my dreams. (and it is a dream of mine and it will happen, dont you worry about that, honey.)

but i wont be able to hug a polar bear if they are extinct, which they are facing due to global warming (if the ice melts by 2013, as they are predicting...that aint good for a lot of animals) and because of oil. you know, that thing the war may or may not be about.

today the movement to put polar bears on the endangered species list was put on hold. AGAIN. please read up and be informed.

click "save my friends" or copy paste here:

(now old) oscar predictions.

from ew.com:

The Carpetbagger

PLUG: Would it kill the Academy to recognize that "Once" is the best movie ever made about the music that lies in the space between two people?

YES! thank you!


untitled 01.

i have a feeling its going to be one of those short/long weeks. you know.
the week is obvi a short week because of the holiday but i might as well have worked Monday because its gonna be a loooong week, for many a reason, my friends.

so thats why i put a little bright eyes in our lives. oh man...those lyrics, that face...swoon. (now, swoon again for good measure, dear.)

and for kicks, i had a funny/awesome/long ass convo with my kate the other night when i told her about my decision that any man in my life must LOVE "pushing daises," or at least be able to tell me why i love it so.

in other silly dealbreaker news, must love/appreciate:
ryan adams
woody allen
cameron crowe
marc jacobs.

so much to ask? eh- i dont care. i say NO.

NOW i'm sad.

R.I.P, my "10 things" sweetie.

weirdly ironicly werid.

In November, NYU and the National University in Singapore announced a dual-degree program, which is set to launch sometime this year. The program will allow students to receive their bachelor's degree from NUS and their juris doctor degree from NYU in just five years. Students will spend the first two years in Singapore and finish their dual-degree in New York in the final three years. Another dual degree program is set to launch this July, which would allow NUS students to receive their bachelor's and master's in law through NYU.


another little happiness.

made the cut, finally.

i am offically on IMDB.com. while i know this doesnt seem like a huge deal or anything, it means something to me seeing as how i used to spend hours on the site reading about my fave filmmakers.

now, i just have to hope i get to add to it over time!

click on the title to see my name in lights!


sundance blues.

i feel like literally everyone at work is going to (or already at) Sundance.
everyone is prob. only like 10-15 people but its still making me crazy.

like, more than it should. mostly because (as i've already said) its one of my biggest dreams to go to Sundance.
snowboard, stay in a hotel (a weird fascination) and see movies all day every day for a week.

man. i hope (know?) my day will come but i guess literally knowing people that are there is making it harder this year.
at least theres tribeca, but lets get real -- that ain't the same ticket.

go here for all the Sundance 411 you could ever want or need:

im gonna go not cry now.


this makes me happy.

rolling your eyes yet? shut the fuck up.

you have to....

click on this here link and search for your favorite TV show. then be prepared to be amazed by the complete hilarity that is Entertainment Weekly's TV WATCH blogs. seriously, just do it.

personal faves? the "ugly betty" (tanner), "project runway" (mindi) and "gossip girl" (youyoung) watches.


plus, the entire site is a-fucking-mazing looking and well written and im just starting to uncover it all myself.

ps- sundance is going on and tons of EW staffers are going. why am i not there? guess that isnt coming off my bucket list yet. but damn, what i wouldnt give!


its over.

the season finale of "gossip girl" has aired and my sheets are barely drying from all the shed tears.
well, you know what i mean.

anyways, i just read one of the best articles i've read in ages...in the funny/fluff category that is. a MUST read for any "gossip" fan. if you dont watch, dont bother. its insider-y.


my fave clip:

Dan: Spends Saturday night reading Chaucer, watches art films to learn about sex, and consoles his girlfriend's best friend when she's upset, even though she's always been a bitch to him. He's a romantic who loves Elliot Smith and candlelight, and sees women not just as sex objects, but as peers. He is pure of heart, high of cheekbones, and tight of buns. And, as much as it pains us to say it, he is a total pipe dream. Seventeen-year-old boys like Dan simply do not exist. Sure, there are guys who are kind, clever, and mature in high school, but those guys are not cute like Dan. They have body odor and bad breath and dandruff and maybe even cystic acne, and they are on the math team. Reality Index: 0%


mid-season lineup.

8: How I Met Your Mother
8: Prison Break
8: Kyle XY
8: Greek – March 24
830: Big Bang Theory
8:30: Aliens in America
9: Wildfire –Jan. 21
930: Rules of Engagement
930: Notes From The Underbelly
930: Samantha Who?
10: October Road

8: Bones
8: One Tree Hill
8: Beauty & the Geek – March 11
9: House

8: Pushing Daises
8: Top Model –Feb. 20
9: Gossip Girl
9: Private Practice
10: Dirty Sexy Money
10: Project Runway
10: Cashmere Mafia

8: Smallville –Jan. 31
8: Ugly Betty
830: 30 Rock
9: Lost –Jan. 31
9: Supernatural
9: Greys Anatomy
930: Scrubs –Jan 24
10: Lipstick Jungle – Feb. 7

8: Ghost Whisperer
830: The Return of Jezebel James – March 7
9: Moonlight


930: Unhitched –March 2
10: Brothers and Sisters


oh no, he did-n't.

PEREZ has defiled my husband.

i'm going on strike.

this isnt about the x-games.

i need a sign.

just a sign.

is that too much?


clorox on my hands.

good day, first at work and am starting to feel better about things. although, i dont want to speak too soon.
positive but not too aggressive.

i have found a few of "my people."

they seem to want me to choose a section but i really like working in all of them. so i dont know how that is going to turn out. just going to keep sniffing things out.

"gossip girl" was good tonight and now its gone....for who knows how long. i totally support the writers (UH, duh) but this strike is seriously killing me.

i've been able to catch up with a few people lately which is great. looking forward to a nice weekend and hopefully a good movie.
--i am SO proud of brigitte. she might be opening her own boutique store in the ATL. i cant think of anything cooler to do. how jealous am i?

tonight i made lynds tea. yum.
i miss my girls. (duh, #2)

stay tuned for clips update. i am hoping something will happen quick.
the new girl starts on monday so cross your fingers for me that shes cool.

"ONE TREE HILL" season 5 premiered last night. i think their plan to skip college was a good idea and im really excited about all the new drama. i hope nate gets outta this funk soon though because that part is seriously annoying. and if they keep peyton and luke apart all season i'll freak. it's a little "suspension of belief" that they all end up right back in tree hill but HEY. if i could, i would. so i guess i cant argue too much. plus, what else are they going to do to keep the show intact?

in other news: i have to go to the bronx to pick up a UPS package.


first days.

are scary, exciting, new, boring and overwhelming. all combined. overall= pretty good. excitement ensues but so does worry.
in other news: im in crush love but lets not even GO there, ok?

-ate chipolte AND cake shop= best food day ever.
-saw dan cook & company.
-watched a movie i thought id like (boring): "kettle of fish."
-miss urban people but i think they are confused, worked it out...er, hopefully. should be back in few weeks.
-made killer mix cds.
-drank fave drink: thai iced tea.
-had an almost moment with flatmate; smile.
-felt a little sad but just hugged on polar bear. thought about who id rather be hugging and felt sad again.
*realized i need to get a job at "paste" and was suddenly THRILLED. on that like whoa.

at this very moment: worried about the big girl life (i wanna sleep) but happy for the ultimate outcome.
new years resolution: make myself happy by making some "things to do with" friends.

its true,...when you least expect it.
....and then. "oh shit."


top tens.

my top ten movies and (new) tv shows for 2007:
(music list to come)

http://www.hollywoodtoday.net/?p=3296#more-3296 (badly edited)

across the universe
2 days in paris
the martian child
the bucket list

pushing daisies
gossip girl
october road
dirty sexy money
the big bang theory
samantha who?