so many hometown heroes.

EW didnt review it (bummer)....i have no idea how they choose what to review but i imagine EP may just not be generally popular enough.

hoping to see them at the mercury lounge next week (fingers crossed...i missed blitzen trapper/fleet foxes last weekend.)

anyways, i like it. its good.
choice cut: "spiral stairs"


weird day. v. weird day, indeed.

drive-by truckers show (sweet), lunch with owen (sigh) but a little craziness as well....

i found out today that a friend from high school committed suicide.

sad. and something i will never understand.
i feel weird writing this, but how fucking weird is death?

soldier on, friends.


2 in one week.

“I get better over time. I’m not some top 40’s song, easily digestible. I’m complex, I require time and multiple listens…I’m “Stairway to Heaven.””—Ted

you got it.

Brooke: No! I've spent four years working these endless hours to fill this void that all the success in the world is never gonna fill and I realized that what I actually want is to have a family.


when good films loose their way.

its always really sad when you look forward to a film for a long time and then the release date keeps getting pushed and its shelved and tweeked and....you dont know what the hell is going on but you know that by the time you do see its prob going to be horrible.

well, "penelope" wasnt horrible (owen gave it an F, cant say i agree) but it was totally disappointing in that i really think it could have been great. the music was great (sigur ros), the art department did a fantastic job, her clothes were awesome (i swear it was all free people/anthro) and james was as dashing as ever but it had obviously been edited around a lot and it just lost its way.



unnecessary anniversary.

tomorrow means 5 years that we've been in war with Iraq.

and does anyone even care anymore? do they notice? because from where i sit, it doesnt seem that they do and thats silently killing me everyday.

i know its hard to feel connected to something so far away, especially if you have no connection to whats going on or anyone there but please take a moment to think about the lives that are being lost and the millions of dollars that are being blown. AND FOR WHAT!?

vote for change, friends.


all that, plus one.

i dont change my profiles on myspace or facebook much. its prob a little pointless i have them at all but i want to be able to get in touch with/find people when needed. plus, the only people i know who arent on these social networking sites arent there because they are entirely "too cool" and in case you havent noticed, dear friends, loren is NOT too cool...for anything.

i want to share this beautiful pic with you, taken by the divine sallyann, which has taken the place of my old facebook shot. i seem to gain flack for putting not-of-my-face shots but its more than anything because my fave pics just really arent of my face. nothing to get all woe is me about, i just dont like myself in pictures much. almost all of the photos i like of myself, i took and im assuming thats because i spent lots of time practicing and could take 20 before getting a good one, i venture i would never ask another to endure. actually, josh and i did a photo shoot once where the dude must have taken 40 bad photos of me in a row but when i grabbed the camera from him and turned it on myself, i was able to get 3 in a row i modestly liked. what is that? for me, i think its a comfort thing.

the sad thing about that, of course, is that the best photos are the ones that arent posed but that are caught in the moment. laughing, crying, pensive,...whatever, really. so, here you have it, friends. the latest of the greatest of nearly 400 collective shots we took on vacay.


all the love you need, yours forever.

god love them, i miss my friends. each and every day...those girls who keep me sane, happy and just generally "together." why? you should know because chances are greatest that ive told you many times. still not sure, see here:


its been a long time now.

You better mean what you say.
Why don't you say what you mean?
I never get anywhere,
I get the space in-between.
Beautifully mutilated,
insanely antiquated,
i will admit i almost always underestimate it



i'm currently in sandestin with the girls. vacationing in weddingness, happiness and a little bit of work. you know me...cant go anywhere without brining some kind of work with me and i've spent my first full day here finishing up some stuff for EW. i think i've missed the beach at this point but hoping to get some R&R in this week, for sure. it's pretty warm here (in the 70's most parts of the day) and the house we're are it can only be described as INSANE.

slept in a king size bed last night which was crazy, watched a cute film from my netflix (FINALLLLY), "ira & abbey" and bought a heaping pile of food from wal-mart to keep me fed on the cheap while i'm here. i grilled out last night, completley on my own which im totally proad of. trying to reel off some crazy times i've been having in NY, both emotionally (over a boy, duh and work) and not looking forward to the confrentation one of my flatmates so kindly threw upon me hours before i flew out.

we've made no 'plans' which both excites me and (with my anal side) makes me a little nervous too. waiting right now to be picked up from starbux where i've been the past 3 hours, missing out on the day, being a little cold but feeling accomplished as well. apparently phone service down here really sucks and theres been so miscommunications, so i've beend waiting quite a while. thats what one car, 4 bad phones and everyone doing their own thing does to you.

i didnt mean to just make 4 perfect little paragraphs and i dont think it will reflect itself that way once posted but i'm going to end the celebration here and just say....lets hope for good times ahead. loren needs it, friends.