funny indeed.

and true, very true.

(just love the good news for now)

Sara Gilbert has been added as a series regular on CBS' ``The Big Bang Theory.'' Gilbert guested on three segs in the Warner Bros. TV comedy's frosh year. She'll continue in the role of egghead Leslie Winkle, a love interest to Johnny Galecki's Leonard, a fellow egghead who's trying to come out of his shell with women. Gilbert and Galecki previously co-starred as sweethearts on the later seasons of ABC's “Roseanne.'

(i am going to post some personal stuff soon)

Focus Features will begin production late this month on "Taking Woodstock," scripted by James Schamus and to be directed by Ang Lee. Lee's ensemble cast includes Emile Hirsch, Imelda Staunton and Liev Schreiber. Pic is an adaptation of the memoir of Elliot Tiber, who played a role in helping the historic 1969 music fest unfold on his neighbor's farm. Less than a month ago, Focus had been thinking about postponing the start of production over concerns that a possible Screen Actors Guild strike could force a shutdown later this year. But numerous studios have begun to move forward on feature starts, and it's understood that Focus has worked out contingency plans in the event of a work stoppage. Demetri Martin ("The Daily Show With Jon Stewart") had already been set to play Tiber, an aspiring interior designer in Greenwich Village obliged to run the family business, a Catskills motel. In summer 1969, he found himself at the center of a generation-defining experience when he volunteered the motel to be the home base for Woodstock concert organizers after his neighbor, Max Yasgur, made his farm available for the event.

(dont worry lauren.)

"Hostel" director Eli Roth is on deck to play a baseball bat-swinging Nazi hunter in "Inglorious Bastards," the Quentin Tarantino-directed drama that begins production this fall in Europe for the Weinstein Co. and Universal Pictures. Brad Pitt is in talks to play Aldo Raine, leader of a rogue band of Jewish-American soldiers who wreak havoc on the bad guys in Nazi-occupied France. Roth is in talks to play Sgt. Donnie Donowitz. Tarantino is expected to formalize his cast shortly. Tarantino had planned to meet with Leonardo DiCaprio for the role of SS Col. Hans Landa, only to decide that the role should be played by a German actor.

button pusher takes 2.

New indie production and finance shingle Werc Werk Works has stepped in to fully finance and produce writer-director Todd Solondz’s next film, an untitled part-sequel, part-companion piece to his controversial dark comedy "Happiness." Founded by Elizabeth Redleaf and producer Christine Kunewa Walker ("American Splendor," "Factotum"), the company will initially produce three to four films a year. Solondz wrote the screenplay, which revolves around a group of struggling individuals. struggling to find a place for themselves in an unpredictable and volatile world. The narrative is told through a series of intersecting love stories.; the past haunts the present and imperils the future: ghosts circle and loom, trouble and console. The project has been incubating for years, with Emma Thompson, Demi Moore and Paul Reubens rumored to be attached. The film is scheduled to begin principal photography in October in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Casting is currently under way.

he once loved JANE...

Mark Ruffalo will make his feature directing debut on "Sympathy for Delicious." Ruffalo will star with James Franco and Chris Thornton. Production begins this fall in Los Angeles, and the pic is fully financed by new company Corner Store Entertainment. Thornton, who wrote the script, plays "Delicious" Dean O'Dwyer, a paralyzed DJ struggling to survive in his wheelchair on the streets of L.A. He turns to faith-healing and mysteriously acquires the ability to cure the sick -- although not himself. Ruffalo plays a Jesuit priest who tries to help him come to terms with the limits of his gift, and Franco a rock singer in a band that exploits the suddenly famous healer. Pic will be produced by Andrea Sperling, Matthew Weaver, Scott Prissand, Ruffalo and Thornton, with Robert Stein and Joanne Jacobson exec producers.


oh, you.

owen is still my main man, but youre a right ol' legend.


they are 15!


south carolina just got cooler.





cutesy news...

im not afraid to look forward to:

Hilary Swank and producing partner Molly Smith have acquired feature rights to Emily Giffin’s 2005 debut novel, "Something Borrowed," which they’ll develop through their 2S Films banner as a potential starring vehicle for Swank. Story centers on a Manhattan attorney who becomes involved with her best friend’s fiance following her 30th birthday. Swank and Smith will co-produce "Borrowed" with Aaron Lubin and Pamela Schein Murphy of Wild Ocean Films; the latter pair optioned the book from CAA, but Alcon Entertainment has taken over the option and will develop the project with 2S and Wild Ocean. The deal also includes rights to Giffin’s sequel, "Something Blue." Project’s out to writers. "Something Borrowed" is intended as the initial 2S project to be financed and developed by Warner-based Alcon, which signed 2S to a two-year first-look deal in June.

love the audrey.

Warner Bros. dons 'Chanel' biopic

Warner Bros. is coming aboard to finance and produce the Coco Chanel biopic "Coco Avant Chanel," starring Audrey Tautou, with production starting Sept. 15 in Paris. Anne Fontaine will helm the pic, with French shingles Haut et Court and Cine @ producing. Tautou's attachment was announced during last year's Cannes Film Festival. "Coco Avant Chanel" is set for a 12-week shoot and has been scheduled for release next year. It will be distributed in France by Warner Bros. Entertainment France and handled internationally by Warner Bros. Screenplay's penned by Anne Fontaine and Camille Fontaine, along with script consultant Christopher Hampton. It's based on the Chanel biography "L'Irreguliere" (The Nonconformist) by Edmonde Charles-Roux.


brils, nyt edition.



today, the really great larue said...

(on my moving home)

"Well, just add it all up to experience. I think we tend to forget how young we are. I don't know if I'll ever go back to NYC other than to visit. I'm not saying I'll stay in Knoxville the rest of my life, but I'm really enjoying being back and having my friends and family close. And feeling like my writing means something, even if not very many people read it."


went to this over the weekend and it totally captures everything i love about atl. sure, this could have gone down in NY but it would have been in brooklyn and so snobby i'd have been nervous just to walk in.




matt damon/one camp.



Harry Potter film pulls vanishing act on EW cover

By David Germain


Maybe Harry Potter should have brought a note from his parents saying he would be missing school. Warner Bros. gave Harry the school year off, announcing last week it was bumping the sixth movie in the series from fall to next summer. But Entertainment Weekly — which shares the studio's parent company, Time Warner Inc. — was unaware, featuring "Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe on the cover of its Aug. 22-29 fall-preview issue.

The magazine leads off the issue with a six-page spread pegged to "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," which Warner Bros. on Thursday moved from its Nov. 21 release date to July 17, 2009. The studio had been considering the date change for three or four weeks, "but it really didn't kind of get on the front burner until sometime within the last seven days," Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. head of distribution, said Sunday.

Entertainment Weekly's "deadline must have been earlier than the decision, than when we started to get serious about making the decision," Fellman said. An Entertainment Weekly spokeswoman did not immediately return phone and e-mail messages seeking comment.




jenny block post on open marriages.


very smart.

john cusack political blogging.

check it out and decide for yourself.



fall 09' tv sched.


8: Gossip Girl —9/1
8: Big Bang Theory —9/22
8: Dollhouse —2009
830: How I Met Your Mother —9/22
9: One Tree Hill —9/1
9: Two & a Half Men —9/22
9: Prison Break —9/1
930: Samantha Who? —10/6

8: 90210 —9/2
8: House —9/16
9: Privleged
9: Greek —8/26

8: Pushing Daises —10/1
8: Top Model —9/3
8: Bones —9/3
9: Private Practice —10/1
10: Dirty Sexy Money —10/1
10: Project Runway
10: Lipstick Jungle —9/24

8: Ugly Betty —9/25
8:30: Kath & Kim —10/9
9: Supernatural —9/18
9: Greys Anatomy —9/25
930: 30 Rock —10/30
10: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia —9/18
11: The Cho Show — 8/21

8: Ghost Whisperer —10/3
9: The Ex-List —TK
10: The Starter Wife —10/10


10: Brothers and Sisters —9/28

finally, the whole truth.



HBO has scrapped plans for a second season of drama "Tell Me You Love Me."

Series creator-exec producer Cynthia Mort said in statement issued Friday afternoon that she and others were "unable to find the direction of the show for the second season," noting "the considerable amount of time" that has passed since its first 10-seg season bowed last September. Show that examined the lives of three couples undergoing counseling raised eyebrows for its steamy sexual content but was not a ratings-grabber for HBO. The pay cabler picked up "Tell Me" for a second season last October after just four airings, but the show from HBO Entertainment and Pariah had yet to resume production.

no surprises here.

America's 20 Most Rockin' Cities:

2008 City Rank (2007 Rank) Top Selling Shows:
1. New York (1) Billy Joel 7/18, 7/16, Bruce Springsteen 7/31
2. Boston (4) Kenny Chesney 7/26, Bruce Springsteen 8/2,
Neil Diamond 8/23
3. Los Angeles (2) Radiohead 8/24, 8/25,
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 6/25
4. Philadelphia (5) Kenny Chesney 7/19, Jimmy Buffett 6/14,
Coldplay 7/25
5. Chicago (3) Kenny Chesney 6/21, Coldplay 7/23,
Jimmy Buffett 7/26
6. SFBay Area (6) Kenny Chesney 6/8, Coldplay 7/18,
The Police 7/14
7. Hartford (10) Dave Matthews Band 6/14, Coldplay 8/2,
Billy Joel 5/31
8. Detroit (9) Kenny Chesney 8/2, Jimmy Buffett 6/10,
Bon Jovi 7/7
9. Richmond (17) Jimmy Buffett 8/30, Dave Matthews Band 6/28,
Jonas Brothers 8/18
10. Dallas (7) Radiohead 5/18,
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 8/27,
Jonas Brothers 7/9
11. Atlanta (12) Jimmy Buffett 6/5, Kenny Chesney 7/13,
Eagles 5/17
12. Las Vegas (8) Coldplay 7/19, Kenny Chesney 6/6,
The Police 5/23
13. Indianapolis (N/A) Kenny Chesney 9/13, Jimmy Buffett 7/29,
Dave Matthews Band 7/26
14. Atlantic City (19) Jimmy Buffett 8/24, American Idols Live 8/2,
Killers 8/1
15. Seattle (16) Dave Matthews Band 8/30, Radiohead 8/20,
Dave Matthews Band 8/31
16. Denver (13) Jack Johnson 8/17, Rush 6/25,
Jonas Brothers 7/19
17. Houston (18) Radiohead 5/17, Kenny Chesney 8/16,
Dave Matthews Band 8/15
18. Washington, D.C. (15) Coldplay 8/3, Eagles 7/26, Pearl Jam 6/22
19. Miami (11) Dave Matthews Band 7/12, Pearl Jam 6/11,
Dave Matthews Band 7/11
20. Cleveland (N/A) Kenny Chesney 5/24, Radiohead 8/4,
Jonas Brothers 8/22

i excited.

TheWB.com will officially launch Aug. 27 with a mix of old broadcast series and Web originals such as Whatever Hollywood, a skein revolving around the antics of three pals called Suri, Apple and Shiloh. The ad-supported site, which has been online in beta form, will stream youth-oriented skeins such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends and The OC at launch, with more smallscreen skeins and originals rolling out in coming months. The site is targeting the same 16- to 34-year-old aud that tuned into the WB when it was on the air; part of its business model hinges on Warner Bros. Television Group syndicating its offerings across digital platforms such as Dailymotion, Joost, Sling Media, TiVo and Veoh. Two other Web skeins will debut at launch: Blue Water High, revolving around six Australian teenagers at an ultra-competitive surf academy and A Boy Wearing Makeup, a video diary about Mathieu Francis, who dispenses makeup advice and fashion tips. Sorority Forever, a mystery from McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision banner and Big Fantastic, bows on Sept. 8; it stars Jessica Rose of lonelygirl15.

rendered speechless.

“America’s Next Top Model” will have a transgender contestant this season.

oh, sigh john mayer.



r.i.p: manny farber



ruff ruff.


beer for my horses.



VMA's commercials.



batman PSA.

funny funny.


goodbye, wolfmother.

it was good knowin' ya.


agreed/nice shoutout.



to the brink.

the journey got off to a rocky (and early) start but i am offically in GA. and mostly settled, although that will take some weeks, i'm sure.

cried all the way out of NY,...didnt see that coming.
but feeling better now.

6 months in the ATL. stay tuned for details (id give them now, but i currently dont have a charger for my MAC).


goodbyes are sad.

esp. when they include chocolate.




gael and his hot actress girlfriend are pregnant. so much for me being the mother of his children. seriously, i'm so sad.


oh, brother.

sure, i like the girlies. but why OH WHY, does everyone else all of a sudden? i swear, its so weird. even my friends have gotten more frisky over the years. seems so silly to me now that i ever worried what people would think.



been doing some blogging.


so, what are you waiting for?


i'll do better next year.

Tribeca schedules 2009 dates - N.Y. film festival to bow April 22, 2009

The Tribeca Film Festival has announced dates for the 2009 edition, to be held April 22-May 3.
Submissions for the eighth annual fest open Sept. 15. The early deadline is Nov. 14, with the official deadline on Dec. 15. Late entries still shooting or in post-production after that date will be accepted until Jan 12. Tribeca All Access, another program from the Tribeca Film Institute, will run April 20-25. TAA works to recognize and raise to prominence filmmakers from underrepresented communities and will hand out a total of $45,000 in awards to entrants chosen by its jury. Submissions for TAA open Sept. 22, with an early deadline of Nov. 3 and a final deadline of Dec. 8.

about seeing some films...



Disney pushes 'Persia' to 2010 - Studio wants to allow time for post-production

Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have pushed back the release of fantasy actioner "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" by nearly a year, from June 19, 2009, to Memorial Day weekend 2010. Officially, Disney said it wants to allow plenty of time for post-production considering that the tentpole will require extensive special effects to create its fantasy world and setpieces. In addition, however, the move takes "Prince of Persia" out of the path of "Transformers 2," which DreamWorks and Paramount open on June 26, 2009. Filmmaker Mike Newell began lensing the pic last week in Morocco and will remain there until the production moves to London. Decision to delay the release by a year caught some by surprise, although the calendar could continue to see major reshufflings because of the ongoing labor strife in Hollywood. Studios may want to allow for extra cushion in case of any production delays. Bruckheimer and Disney don’t want to take any chances with "Prince of Persia," which they are hoping turns into a mega-franchise, along the lines of "Pirates of the Caribbean," that can feed the entire Disney empire, from sequels to potential TV or direct-to-DVD spinoffs, merchandise and Disney theme-park attractions. Pic, based on Ubisoft’s bestselling vidgame, toplines Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina


new vampire weekend video.


me likey. check it out!