funny/smart british comedy. (fun fact: james mcavoy met his wife, anne-marie duff, when they both starred on the show)
get into it.

"Gemma. Who's a lot better-looking than I am. So why weren't you looking at her?"

"Because you think like that and Gemma doesn't. Because Gemma is dancing for an audience and you're dancing like there's nobody else in the room. Your life's not straightforward, Fiona, and a little bit of that travels with you but you don't stop it showing. You're not fake. You're not vain. You're not lost, so you don't need finding. You're not trapped so you don't need springing. I tell you, this whole town belongs to the fucking Gemmas of the this world and I'm sick of the fucking sight of them. I swear to God, Fiona. You're just..you make me wanna enjoy my life."

funny + beautiful.

sometimes i love a movie so random and so disliked by critics...that surprises me and makes me feel good.

those are the best.


we'll see.

as evidenced below, tv is back to its old ways of tangling up my week nights. mondays and thursdays are the big days and although i wish it was more spread out...thats the value of the ol' DVR. whenever ya want, baby.

i was most excited about the return of "gossip girl" which was as delicious as ever, although i really want dan to be with vanessa (what in the hell does he see in serena!?) but thats pretty doubtful. i'm so over grey's i could careless (i'll watch anyways) and i had no doubts that the new episodes of "brothers & sisters" would shine (arguably the best show on TV). i'm super sad i wont be seeing my lee pace until the fall but if it will make the show better, it's worth the wait.

"samantha who?" is driving me crazy (too spazy) and i am once and for all over "my name is earl" (i tried). "scrubs" is great but its def time to move on and "rules of engagement' and "the big bang theory" are perfect guilty pleasures.

no guilt here about "moonlight," which returns friday (!!).....i love vampire love drama.


i want.

so cliche. so pretty. sadly, the "on the road" one was ug-ly.


tv is back.

and so is my new schedule. seriously though, they need to lighten up on mondays. my week is all outta wack!


8: How I Met Your Mother
8: Kyle XY
8: Greek
8: Gossip Girl
8: One Tree Hill
8: Bones
830: Big Bang Theory
9: Wildfire
930: Rules of Engagement
930: Notes From The Underbelly
930: Samantha Who?
10: The Bachelor: London Calling
10: October Road

8: Beauty & the Geek
9: House –April 28

8: Pushing Daises
8: Top Model
10: Dirty Sexy Money
10: Project Runway

8: Smallville
8: Ugly Betty
830: 30 Rock
9: Lost
9: Supernatural
9: Greys Anatomy
930: Scrubs
10: Lipstick Jungle

8: Ghost Whisperer
9: Moonlight


930: Unhitched
10: Brothers and Sisters

i AM peyton.

i have no shame about the fact that i love this show. and this opening is brills.


bring it on.

i'm afraid it has given away too much but i am excited (duh) nonetheless. it comes out the day before leah's wedding, so i'm thinking i will be able to swing seeing it with MY S&TC girls in may. i'll drink a cosmo to that!


today was one of those.

it's warm outside. my lunch was good. i love my new shirt. its wednesday, so work was totally laid back (allowing me to wear said shirt). urban is having employee appreciation (which is great, if i dont get fired for missing saturday). tomorrow is going to be a great day (although i cant exactly explain why now, but i feel it coming).

but most importantly....
i sent 7 boxes of EW goodies to soldiers today. in iraq and around the world. i had mentioned to leah how i send stuff and how they like the magazine and she turned it into a big project, getting others to pitch in their stuff and helping me prep some big boxes and taking them to the post office. i've been doing all i can for 5 years of this horrible war, trying to suffer through something i feel really alone on (the people of NY seem to like to bitch about the war/administration but then do nothing about it.)

today, i know for a fact that we did something good for people really going through something we could never understand. and i believe that it will continue...that there is a chance that this is just the start of something.
i'm glowy with goodwill.


it happened.

there has always been one next to urban but that hardly works out much. and then last week i got the best news i've heard in ages (sad, but maybe true).....pinkberry has opened its doors in colmbus circle, a mere 6 blocks from my office.


i will.

make you mine.


one of the things that i do for my job is watch TV all week and write down funny quotes from different series. my boss then takes the quotes and sends them out to all the top editors who vote on their favorites. thats how we decide which quotes go into the issue in the little soundbites box. fun, right? i really enjoy helping out with it and wanted to give you kiddies a sample of what i might turn in every tuesday. enjoy the funny!

E! News

“I used to do it on Clay Aiken all the time and he was fine with it.”—Mezghan, the head makeup artist for “American Idol,” talking to E! about her experience getting guys to wear makeup on the show on E! News

Americas Next Top Model

“I wanna be like freakin’ Mother Theresa, but in a diva kind of way, okay?” —Dominique, talking about her life goals on Americas Next Top Model

“Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you just are one.”—Tyra, commenting on some of the more eccentric girls on Americas Next Top Model

30 Rock

“She had too much champagne and a monkey knocked her into some quicksand. It could happen to anyone.”—Lutz (John Lutz) after Liz remarks that she hates the show “MILF Island” and asks if someone really died during production on 30 Rock

“”MILF Island” reflects the drama of the human experience and isn’t that the essence of art?” –Jack (Alec Baldwin) defending his new show on 30 Rock

“That's interesting. I didn't know it was hot in 'Assylvania'”—Frank (Judah Friedlander), after asking Jonathan if someone turned the heat up to which Jonathan replied that where he is from, people don’t notice the heat, on 30 Rock

“When I was a child, I had a terrible stutter and I rarely spoke in class…the kids at school - they called me names... 'Mrs. Stutterworth', 'Stutterfingers', 'Stuttermilk Pancakes'... the 'butter' thing opened up a lot of doors for them.”—Jack (Alec Baldwin), on 30 Rock

“I love it up here. It's hot. It's loud. There's no pizza. It's like Miami.”—Tracy (Tracy Morgan), when Liz asks why he is hanging out outside of Jack’s office on 30 Rock

“Ms. Lemon! Your eyes look like my uncle's after he would drink from the air conditioner!”—Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) after Liz gets pissed off about Kenneth threatening to tell her secret on 30 Rock

“Deborah is testing off the charts in the most profitable demographics: soccer moms, Nascar dads, white-collar pervs and the obese.”—Jack (Alec Baldwin), excited about the success of “MILF Island” on 30 Rock


“Okay, here's the other thing. Carla doesn't want her to have any juice. But, if you let her sip from a juice box, she gets really, really happy and starts squeaking like R2-D2.” –Turk (Donald Faison), explaining to Elliot what he does for Izzy that Carla doesn’t know about on Scrubs

“Wow, you're bringing the crazy extra hard today huh?” –Turk (Donald Faison), after Carla has a meltdown about their kids future on Scrubs

“She won't have any friends, she's going to drop out off high school, she's going to start dating some gang banger who you're going to harass over and over again to get his life together, until he snaps and shoots you in the face. Oh my God!”—Carla (Judy Reyes), after Izzy gets kicked out of her playgroup on Scrubs

Two and a Half Men

“I’m telling you Alan, one of these days that kid is going to fart and birds are going to fall out of the sky.” –Charlie (Charlie Sheen), after Jake decides to go get extra caramel put on his chocolate shake on Two and a Half Men

“One hour!? I want sex, not surround sound.”—Alan (Jon Cryer), after Charlie tells him that getting a hooker will cost $1500 an hour on Two and a Half Men

Rules of Engagement

“Oh, sure. We’re young and just starting out, we don’t have any money. Oh wait…that was fifteen years ago!”—Audrey (Megyn Price), after her husband books another cheap vacation on Rules of Engagement

“You know how I love doing battle with those guys, I’ll just stare them down. They got a lot of nerve charging those prices, those mints get thinner every year!”—Jeff (Patrick Warburton), after his wife is asks if he is going to handle the sleazy sales people at the salon the same way he handles the girl scouts that come door-to-door on Rules of Engagement

“I wish they didn’t allow kids,…that line at the water slide was crazy long.”—Adam (Oliver Hudson) after his fiancĂ©e mentions what a nice places their hotel is on Rules of Engagement

“It serves me right for breaking my rule: never help anybody ever.” –Russell (David Spade) after spilling meat sauce all over himself while doing a favor for Jeff on Rules of Engagement

“Hey, there he is, Tiger-always-in-the-Woods.” Jeff (Patrick Warburton) making fun of Adam’s golf game on Rules of Engagement

The Big Bang Theory

“So, this is engineering, huh? Engineering…where the noble semi-skilled laborers execute the vision of those who think and dream. Hello oompa loompas of science.” — Sheldon (Jim Parsons), visiting his friend Howard at work on The Big Bang Theory

“You’ll have to excuse Dr. Cooper, he’s been under a lot of, um….he’s nuts.”—Dr. Gablehauser (Mark Harelik) after Sheldon tries to explain his theory on winning the Nobel Peace Prize by building an exact replica of Jerusalem in the Mexican dessert to the new 15 year old genius at work on The Big Bang Theory

“Ladies and Gentleman, honored daughters. While Mr. Kim, by virtue of his youth and naivetĂ© has fallen pray to the inexplicable need for human contact, let me step in and assure you that my research will go uninterrupted and that social relationships will continue to baffle and repulse me. Thank you.” —Sheldon (Jim Parsons) stepping in to make a speech after the new scientist at work, a young genius, leaves his own welcoming ceremony to go to the mall with a girl on The Big Bang Theory

“I don’t know if the ticket was so much for the launch as it was for you telling the police woman “you have to frisk me, I have another rocket in my pants.””—Leonard (Johnny Galecki) after Howard complains for getting a ticket for launching a model airplane in the park on The Big Bang Theory


i need rehab.

i eat chipotle everyday. i never want anything else even though 9th ave stretches far with all kinds of different cuisines.

no, i want the mcdonalds owned crap day in and day out. i swear, between all the sugar they put in that rice is crack. it's worse than ronalds fries!


i need this.

its old, but i still need it. ebay?

the wisdom of erykah badu.

courtesy of margeaux. enjoyz.



the stuff that scares me.




flix on the net.

do you have netflix? lets be friends! you can add people through the friends/community tab. this way, we can see each others ratings and suggest things to one another. hey, look! a way to connect that has a point.


not so much.

finally went to the theater to see something this weekend. too bad i was so bored i nearly fell asleep. with the dream of the (new) magnolia right outside, i'm surprised i didnt.


college radio.

i cant remember if i pimped this out already but here goes (again?)

i love my college radio. UM, hello- from athens.
and i get my fix listening to georgetown radio through itunes.

it's on all the time, its awesome. these kids know their shit and they've got something for everyone (just check the sched.) i personally like the show on THURSDAYS from 8-10pm the best but thats because i know the boy who runs it. he actually oversees the whole radio but thats his particular show. his always focuses on a certain instrument (i'm pushing for a theremin show, hasn't happened yet). anyways...it's good times when your ipod grows boring at work. and when pandora is giving you a headache.

ch-ch-check it out.


en vogue.

fucking sexy as hell. give my man a cover!


the hotness.

this is one of the best shoots i've seen in ages. seriously, my whole body spasms.


i started biting my nails again about a week ago. i was scared to tell you, i'm sorry.

i was so close this time too. i swear, it's the hardest thing to quit and i have no idea why. although, i've always thought in order to quit something you really have to want to stop. otherwise you're bound to continue at some point. and biting my nails isnt hurting anyone, so it never seemed that important.

i know its gross. and unattractive. and i've been doing it since i was born.
i'm sorry, sally. one day....one day.


oh, DCFC.

oh, ben gibbard.

remember that time i got thrown out of school in 7th grade for wearing a death cab shirt? (administrator said, "what in the hell is a death cab anyway!?") AH. and remember when DC shows went from awesome 40 watt stints to still awesome variety shows to i-cant-breathe-in-here big arenas? i blame "the oc"..which sucked after the first season anyhow. for shame.

you're a hoot, though ben.
ch-ch-check it out.


can you imagine...

if this were true? if you've worked at CN, you know why this is funny.

OH, dear JANE.