today was one of those.

it's warm outside. my lunch was good. i love my new shirt. its wednesday, so work was totally laid back (allowing me to wear said shirt). urban is having employee appreciation (which is great, if i dont get fired for missing saturday). tomorrow is going to be a great day (although i cant exactly explain why now, but i feel it coming).

but most importantly....
i sent 7 boxes of EW goodies to soldiers today. in iraq and around the world. i had mentioned to leah how i send stuff and how they like the magazine and she turned it into a big project, getting others to pitch in their stuff and helping me prep some big boxes and taking them to the post office. i've been doing all i can for 5 years of this horrible war, trying to suffer through something i feel really alone on (the people of NY seem to like to bitch about the war/administration but then do nothing about it.)

today, i know for a fact that we did something good for people really going through something we could never understand. and i believe that it will continue...that there is a chance that this is just the start of something.
i'm glowy with goodwill.

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