list #2.

marriage material.

*chef (of things i would actually eat. and one who wouldnt mind coming home and cooking after cooking all day at work)
*artist (painter, musician, actor, filmmaker...whatever. as long as they can support themselves)
*vet (with my dog obsession, this just seems nice)
*firefighter (um, yeah. thats hot)
*athlete (weird, i know. but i just think it would be fun to cheer someone on)
*environmental lawyer (best of both worlds, right?)


memior letter.

note to self: sign sealed delivered.


blogs of past.


i've decided to wait a bit until i start bringing over my old blog posts. i was going to delete the old page, but i kind of like it and want to leave it. sooo, if you want to check out my mind circa 04-06 you can hit up the ol' livejournal. you have to admit, thats a cooler name than "blogger."


list #1.

the first list on my new blog site. sweeeet. btw, my lists are never in any sort of order (unless i say so, which is rare) and i usually put in my classic ( ) for more details or where i like it most.

*grilled cheese with sharp cheddar and pepperjack (esp. if sally makes it and perf. with tomato soup).
*cajun/seasoned french fries/tater tots (zaxbys, bojangles, bullys-nyc).
*anything with peanut butter and/or bananas (therefore, banana ice cream with reeses peanut butter cups and a tablespoon of real peanut butter from COLDSTONE really hits my happy place).
*southwestern/quesadilla salads with some type of chipotle dressing. sometimes, in a wrap (chili's).
*cheese/queso/spinach/black bean dip. (the vortex, fridays, micks).
*handmade veggie burgers (houston's).
*guac/black bean/sour cream/hot sauce/lettuce burrito with lots of guac on the side (chipotle).
*aloo chana/potatoes & chickpea curry/sundried tomato naan (karma kafe/singapore).
*veggie chili/tofu sour cream/cornbread (anjelika's).
*veggie lo mein/dumplings/rolls/spice ceaser salad with 3 thai iced teas (spice).

and. i basically drink DC, sweet tea, lots of coffee and hot tea (teavana by lynds).
i know, but i hate water.

the end of an era.

i have to say, i just got home from one of the best 1.5 weeks of my fucking quaterlife-crisising life. (yeah, you got it though, right?)

letter to my girls to come, along with my food top ten. a topic of high consideration while chatting 24 hours a day with the sally.

the last of the last details: kendrick made me a badass mixcd, i got to know lynd much better, jes is coming to visit in december (HOORAY for visitors), kenny made me ice cream so amazing i seriously would pick it over sex (ok- bold faced lie but it was my dream treat) and finally, this morning i was at the majestic (i major old hangout in the highlands during HS).

basically, after writing all day on tuesday and running the last bits of dacula down, sally and i headed to ATL. we went to relapse (duh) which was a little slow but at least noe didnt try to rape my neck again (wow, thats a long previously un-mentioned event that i wont go into here). kendrick brought me my sweater (still cant find my damn cookies though) and sal and i bounced back to little 5 to stay with lynds.

THERE, we stayed up all night watching porn (dont ask), laughing crazily and trying to prevent me from bursting into tears. thats when, at 7AM and totally busted, we went to the majestic and chowed down! kendrick met up with us and helped me with my (as always) eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomach meal. the girls went to bed, kend took me to the airport and i waited on my hour long delayed flight. (SERIOUSLY, f-u-c-k flying).

a group of about 12 obnoxious GSU students sat in front and beside me, along with a girl who was in love with john (and hated me) back in the day. i just smiled at her. somewhat annoyingly, i'm sure. anyways. a bus ride later and im back to my dirty apartment (i really need some meds, this OCD is outta hand. i started cleaning lynds apartment last night).

and NOW, i'm going to spend time with my little man, jamie. i wouldnt have made it here without his wonderful momma, of whom i already owe so much. i seriously dont know what i'd do without this family in my life.
esp. since jamie is the best boyfriend (i mean- 4 year old) that ive ever known. ;)


emotional rollercoasters.

so after finding out that i wasnt leaving the good ol' dirty dirty, i settled back into hometown life. hometown meaning wannabe punk kids from little 5 points playing horrible, loud music while im trying to write (aka-think about life) at grandma lukes. still, its kind of endearing...right?

the rest of the unplanned trip: i saw the play again, visited with an old friend (leah, whom everytime i see i realize how much i completly miss her), saw an average (ok, crap) film that i thought i would love called "the heartbreak kid," hung out at elissas, said goodbyes 14 times over, wrote my steve carell interview up, got #1's on google news for 3 other articles i wrote this week and finally, saw my FIRST ever crush. charlie from middle school. i think he still makes me blush a little.

i dont know why (i didnt then either). somehow he found out (gasp) and he asked me, sort of point blank, if i had liked him back then. "no reason to lie," i thought. so i admitted it. nothing put me back in the old southern, crushingly painful shy years of high school spirit more than that moment.




well, i'll be damned.

went to the airport on saturday night with sally to get my xfare flight (thats how i got here, afterall). turns out you cant do that after 23, which i turned on thursday. oops.

i couldnt afford to just buy the ticket (350$), so i left the airport and went back to grandma lukes, where i've spent much of the week with sally's play/people. and ever since ive been trying to figure out how im going to get back. which, believe it or not, id really like to do. as much as im unhappy in new york and i kind of wish i lived here, being stuck here with went due in a week and half is doing no one any good.



the birthday trip.

wednesday: sleep in. waffle house for lunch. see school, sally's mom, kenny's school, break into my old house (UM, yes), bank, sallys run thru at jessies, kendrick meets me for coffee, back to jessies, to a (cool) bar, back to jessies neighboor. buzzed off wine/tap beer (amazing). prob the most fun night of my trip. i fall head over fucking heels in love with jessies apartment complex which i wont even begin to try and explain. it was like...coming home. i SWEAR, if/when i return-- this is where i shall lay my head and that friends, is no JOKE.

thursday (the big day): sleep in. FREE STARBUCKS COFFEE, hells yeah. meet lynd in atlanta for some mexican food (thanks, babe). try to go see movie, no go. think about thrashers/rangers game, but no go. try to do some shopping (bad idea annyways) and finally end up at jessies when my phone dies. hang out, then head to relapse to see the improv and stand up ive been hearing about for months. stay really late, drive home anyways.

friday: lunch with mom, the MALL, some music, some makeup, some cartons of cigs. rush to atlanta to see sally's debut "closer." then off to relapse again to see some friends (but where the hell was sarah and donnie!? sad face) and drink way too many jager shots. back to elissa's, in bed by 6am. good times have been had by all.

saturday: last minute errands, packing and back to new york. back to the life im "supposed" to love but that i admit to my closest friends that i dont. and the place i tell everyone else is "oh, great."

and thats all i can think. back to new york. back to the endless job search, no money, hardly any friends and many a day in my pj's.
oh, great.



Monday: I spent frolocking through metro thrift like it was my job to be there. $40 (I don't have) later, I've got some really cool shit. Nothing makes me happier than a good, cheap find so (of course), it made me proud to be from a small southern town. Again. Mostly because, thrifting in NY is a joke, people. Unless you like to spend $50 on a vintage tshirt after wrestling it out of the hands of some village hipster. No thanks.

Then dinner at my fave ATL restaurant and another screening of "Across the Universe," which I might go ahead and call my fave film of this year. See it while it's on the big screen, I beg of you. OH! And while you're there go see "Lars and the Real Girl." Haven't seen it yet (the southern downfall; no early screenings here!), but my money says its good.

Tuesday: Surprise mom. (SURPRISE, MOM!) And then off to Athens so I could um, yeah...NOT get into the Guster show. Oh, well. Met Josh (Lacey's new beau) and hung ten with a killer dessert at Chili's. (OKAY, 3 killer desserts.)

Now at home, chilling with the Sal-face.

Everyone suddenly needs me in New York. That never happens.
Goodbye, NY. I'm staying here, bitches.


home is where the heart is.

after all.

and so thats why, after much back and forth, i hopped a plane to georgia on saturday morning. i'm sitting in sallys living room right now and im hoping to be here for a week. for my birthday, for a ryan adams concert, to see my friends and to get a break from that fucking city i live in. everything is wonderful, but you know i gotta complain about something:

tonight i went to the ryan adams show with lacey. she got the tix for my bday and even took me to one of my fave ATL restaurants, mick's. too bad, food was good...show was BAD. ryan played about half the length of a normal show and played exactly 1 out of the 7 songs i love and was looking forward to seeing.

he may be fucking brillant. my favorite artist of all time. but he makes me want to beat the shit out of him when he plays live. and after what he did in minneapolis again? i know as a fan of his that you know going into a show that your are either going to get 3.5 hours or you are going to get nothing. he's a snob and he often picks the weirdest songs to play live. should i pay to go to the NYC show, hoping it will be better on his home turf? something to think about. in the mean time:
OH, ry. grow up and do your job. at least you have one.

what i wanted to hear?
come pick me up
to be young
new york, new york
sweet carolina
two* (the one he played)


take that, you, you..,....people who won't hire me.

My 2nd article for Hollywood Today was #1 on Google News for awhile today. It's still the number one article on the film "Sleuth," for which I wrote up an interview with Jude Law. Good times.
Jude Law Reinvents Michael Caine, Again, in “Sleuth”
Hollywood Today Newsmagazine, CA - 6 hours ago
By Loren Lankford HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 10/14/07 – Jude Law is more than just a pretty face. After revamping the title role in the remake of ...
Role reversal: Actor Michael Caine stars in remake of 'Sleuth' MetroWest Daily News
'Sleuth': The Michael Caine and Jude Law show PopMatters
Michael Caine on Sleuth CanMag
The Oregonian - OregonLive.com - Playbill.com
all 48 news articles »


freelancing my heart out, if you'll have me.


I have my first piece up on Hollywood Today and a new piece up on MyYearbook that I am really proud of (and I actually got paid for that one!) So, if you've got a sec and you're interested, they are both under my links and I always love feedback on my writing.

I am currently taking an edit test for a new site called TravelMuse. It's an internship with a tiny stipend, but writing is writing, right? I am learning more and more how happy it makes me. Although, I wish I could write about whatever I want. But that's what this is for, right!?


lets get this going, for reals.


As you can see, I've decided to move my blog here from LiveJournal. I am going to (over time) move all of my original postings over so those who have started reading recently can see whats been going on before last week. I plan on taking the LV down completly, so just hit this one up now.

Thanks for reading. I'm still jobless, so you can continue enjoying daily updates!



for all you fame whores.


Great idea, cool movement. I hope it takes off and I hope you've got a dollar so you can take off too. Check out the site and support the best kind of indie film.


fall 07 schedule.

8: How I Met Your Mother
8: Prison Break
8: Chuck
830: Big Bang Theory
8:30: Aliens in America
930: Rules of Engagement
930: Samantha Who? (10/15)
9: The Bachelor
10: Weeds
1030: Californication

8: Beauty and the Geek
8: Bones
9: House
9: The Reaper
9: Cashmere Mafia (11/27)

8: Americas Next Top Model
8: Pushing Daises
9: Gossip Girl
9: Private Practice
10: Dirty Sexy Money
10: Life

8: Smallville
8: Ugly Betty
8: My Name is Earl
830: 30 Rock
9: Supernatural
9: Greys Anatomy
930: Scrubs (10/25)
10: Big Shots

8: Ghost Whisperer
9: Moonlight


9: Dexter
10: Brothers and Sisters