Monday: I spent frolocking through metro thrift like it was my job to be there. $40 (I don't have) later, I've got some really cool shit. Nothing makes me happier than a good, cheap find so (of course), it made me proud to be from a small southern town. Again. Mostly because, thrifting in NY is a joke, people. Unless you like to spend $50 on a vintage tshirt after wrestling it out of the hands of some village hipster. No thanks.

Then dinner at my fave ATL restaurant and another screening of "Across the Universe," which I might go ahead and call my fave film of this year. See it while it's on the big screen, I beg of you. OH! And while you're there go see "Lars and the Real Girl." Haven't seen it yet (the southern downfall; no early screenings here!), but my money says its good.

Tuesday: Surprise mom. (SURPRISE, MOM!) And then off to Athens so I could um, yeah...NOT get into the Guster show. Oh, well. Met Josh (Lacey's new beau) and hung ten with a killer dessert at Chili's. (OKAY, 3 killer desserts.)

Now at home, chilling with the Sal-face.

Everyone suddenly needs me in New York. That never happens.
Goodbye, NY. I'm staying here, bitches.

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