the birthday trip.

wednesday: sleep in. waffle house for lunch. see school, sally's mom, kenny's school, break into my old house (UM, yes), bank, sallys run thru at jessies, kendrick meets me for coffee, back to jessies, to a (cool) bar, back to jessies neighboor. buzzed off wine/tap beer (amazing). prob the most fun night of my trip. i fall head over fucking heels in love with jessies apartment complex which i wont even begin to try and explain. it was like...coming home. i SWEAR, if/when i return-- this is where i shall lay my head and that friends, is no JOKE.

thursday (the big day): sleep in. FREE STARBUCKS COFFEE, hells yeah. meet lynd in atlanta for some mexican food (thanks, babe). try to go see movie, no go. think about thrashers/rangers game, but no go. try to do some shopping (bad idea annyways) and finally end up at jessies when my phone dies. hang out, then head to relapse to see the improv and stand up ive been hearing about for months. stay really late, drive home anyways.

friday: lunch with mom, the MALL, some music, some makeup, some cartons of cigs. rush to atlanta to see sally's debut "closer." then off to relapse again to see some friends (but where the hell was sarah and donnie!? sad face) and drink way too many jager shots. back to elissa's, in bed by 6am. good times have been had by all.

saturday: last minute errands, packing and back to new york. back to the life im "supposed" to love but that i admit to my closest friends that i dont. and the place i tell everyone else is "oh, great."

and thats all i can think. back to new york. back to the endless job search, no money, hardly any friends and many a day in my pj's.
oh, great.

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Lauren said...

fuck you. you have friends. they just don't know you yet.