home is where the heart is.

after all.

and so thats why, after much back and forth, i hopped a plane to georgia on saturday morning. i'm sitting in sallys living room right now and im hoping to be here for a week. for my birthday, for a ryan adams concert, to see my friends and to get a break from that fucking city i live in. everything is wonderful, but you know i gotta complain about something:

tonight i went to the ryan adams show with lacey. she got the tix for my bday and even took me to one of my fave ATL restaurants, mick's. too bad, food was good...show was BAD. ryan played about half the length of a normal show and played exactly 1 out of the 7 songs i love and was looking forward to seeing.

he may be fucking brillant. my favorite artist of all time. but he makes me want to beat the shit out of him when he plays live. and after what he did in minneapolis again? i know as a fan of his that you know going into a show that your are either going to get 3.5 hours or you are going to get nothing. he's a snob and he often picks the weirdest songs to play live. should i pay to go to the NYC show, hoping it will be better on his home turf? something to think about. in the mean time:
OH, ry. grow up and do your job. at least you have one.

what i wanted to hear?
come pick me up
to be young
new york, new york
sweet carolina
two* (the one he played)

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