the end of an era.

i have to say, i just got home from one of the best 1.5 weeks of my fucking quaterlife-crisising life. (yeah, you got it though, right?)

letter to my girls to come, along with my food top ten. a topic of high consideration while chatting 24 hours a day with the sally.

the last of the last details: kendrick made me a badass mixcd, i got to know lynd much better, jes is coming to visit in december (HOORAY for visitors), kenny made me ice cream so amazing i seriously would pick it over sex (ok- bold faced lie but it was my dream treat) and finally, this morning i was at the majestic (i major old hangout in the highlands during HS).

basically, after writing all day on tuesday and running the last bits of dacula down, sally and i headed to ATL. we went to relapse (duh) which was a little slow but at least noe didnt try to rape my neck again (wow, thats a long previously un-mentioned event that i wont go into here). kendrick brought me my sweater (still cant find my damn cookies though) and sal and i bounced back to little 5 to stay with lynds.

THERE, we stayed up all night watching porn (dont ask), laughing crazily and trying to prevent me from bursting into tears. thats when, at 7AM and totally busted, we went to the majestic and chowed down! kendrick met up with us and helped me with my (as always) eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomach meal. the girls went to bed, kend took me to the airport and i waited on my hour long delayed flight. (SERIOUSLY, f-u-c-k flying).

a group of about 12 obnoxious GSU students sat in front and beside me, along with a girl who was in love with john (and hated me) back in the day. i just smiled at her. somewhat annoyingly, i'm sure. anyways. a bus ride later and im back to my dirty apartment (i really need some meds, this OCD is outta hand. i started cleaning lynds apartment last night).

and NOW, i'm going to spend time with my little man, jamie. i wouldnt have made it here without his wonderful momma, of whom i already owe so much. i seriously dont know what i'd do without this family in my life.
esp. since jamie is the best boyfriend (i mean- 4 year old) that ive ever known. ;)

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