emotional rollercoasters.

so after finding out that i wasnt leaving the good ol' dirty dirty, i settled back into hometown life. hometown meaning wannabe punk kids from little 5 points playing horrible, loud music while im trying to write (aka-think about life) at grandma lukes. still, its kind of endearing...right?

the rest of the unplanned trip: i saw the play again, visited with an old friend (leah, whom everytime i see i realize how much i completly miss her), saw an average (ok, crap) film that i thought i would love called "the heartbreak kid," hung out at elissas, said goodbyes 14 times over, wrote my steve carell interview up, got #1's on google news for 3 other articles i wrote this week and finally, saw my FIRST ever crush. charlie from middle school. i think he still makes me blush a little.

i dont know why (i didnt then either). somehow he found out (gasp) and he asked me, sort of point blank, if i had liked him back then. "no reason to lie," i thought. so i admitted it. nothing put me back in the old southern, crushingly painful shy years of high school spirit more than that moment.


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chax d said...

i'm glad i could be of service. :)