list #1.

the first list on my new blog site. sweeeet. btw, my lists are never in any sort of order (unless i say so, which is rare) and i usually put in my classic ( ) for more details or where i like it most.

*grilled cheese with sharp cheddar and pepperjack (esp. if sally makes it and perf. with tomato soup).
*cajun/seasoned french fries/tater tots (zaxbys, bojangles, bullys-nyc).
*anything with peanut butter and/or bananas (therefore, banana ice cream with reeses peanut butter cups and a tablespoon of real peanut butter from COLDSTONE really hits my happy place).
*southwestern/quesadilla salads with some type of chipotle dressing. sometimes, in a wrap (chili's).
*cheese/queso/spinach/black bean dip. (the vortex, fridays, micks).
*handmade veggie burgers (houston's).
*guac/black bean/sour cream/hot sauce/lettuce burrito with lots of guac on the side (chipotle).
*aloo chana/potatoes & chickpea curry/sundried tomato naan (karma kafe/singapore).
*veggie chili/tofu sour cream/cornbread (anjelika's).
*veggie lo mein/dumplings/rolls/spice ceaser salad with 3 thai iced teas (spice).

and. i basically drink DC, sweet tea, lots of coffee and hot tea (teavana by lynds).
i know, but i hate water.

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l. said...

omg. i love water. what an asshole i was in 2007