first days.

are scary, exciting, new, boring and overwhelming. all combined. overall= pretty good. excitement ensues but so does worry.
in other news: im in crush love but lets not even GO there, ok?

-ate chipolte AND cake shop= best food day ever.
-saw dan cook & company.
-watched a movie i thought id like (boring): "kettle of fish."
-miss urban people but i think they are confused, worked it out...er, hopefully. should be back in few weeks.
-made killer mix cds.
-drank fave drink: thai iced tea.
-had an almost moment with flatmate; smile.
-felt a little sad but just hugged on polar bear. thought about who id rather be hugging and felt sad again.
*realized i need to get a job at "paste" and was suddenly THRILLED. on that like whoa.

at this very moment: worried about the big girl life (i wanna sleep) but happy for the ultimate outcome.
new years resolution: make myself happy by making some "things to do with" friends.

its true,...when you least expect it.
....and then. "oh shit."

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