clorox on my hands.

good day, first at work and am starting to feel better about things. although, i dont want to speak too soon.
positive but not too aggressive.

i have found a few of "my people."

they seem to want me to choose a section but i really like working in all of them. so i dont know how that is going to turn out. just going to keep sniffing things out.

"gossip girl" was good tonight and now its gone....for who knows how long. i totally support the writers (UH, duh) but this strike is seriously killing me.

i've been able to catch up with a few people lately which is great. looking forward to a nice weekend and hopefully a good movie.
--i am SO proud of brigitte. she might be opening her own boutique store in the ATL. i cant think of anything cooler to do. how jealous am i?

tonight i made lynds tea. yum.
i miss my girls. (duh, #2)

stay tuned for clips update. i am hoping something will happen quick.
the new girl starts on monday so cross your fingers for me that shes cool.

"ONE TREE HILL" season 5 premiered last night. i think their plan to skip college was a good idea and im really excited about all the new drama. i hope nate gets outta this funk soon though because that part is seriously annoying. and if they keep peyton and luke apart all season i'll freak. it's a little "suspension of belief" that they all end up right back in tree hill but HEY. if i could, i would. so i guess i cant argue too much. plus, what else are they going to do to keep the show intact?

in other news: i have to go to the bronx to pick up a UPS package.

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