its over.

the season finale of "gossip girl" has aired and my sheets are barely drying from all the shed tears.
well, you know what i mean.

anyways, i just read one of the best articles i've read in ages...in the funny/fluff category that is. a MUST read for any "gossip" fan. if you dont watch, dont bother. its insider-y.


my fave clip:

Dan: Spends Saturday night reading Chaucer, watches art films to learn about sex, and consoles his girlfriend's best friend when she's upset, even though she's always been a bitch to him. He's a romantic who loves Elliot Smith and candlelight, and sees women not just as sex objects, but as peers. He is pure of heart, high of cheekbones, and tight of buns. And, as much as it pains us to say it, he is a total pipe dream. Seventeen-year-old boys like Dan simply do not exist. Sure, there are guys who are kind, clever, and mature in high school, but those guys are not cute like Dan. They have body odor and bad breath and dandruff and maybe even cystic acne, and they are on the math team. Reality Index: 0%

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Lauren said...

so fuckin TRUE.