x games 12 -- day 3.

my shaun wasnt on the first day (i watched anyways, cause i'm a REAL fan...ya know) but he finally came in today for the slopestyle.

....and....he broke his board before his first run. ran on the broken board anyway with an OK run, getting him in 2nd. andreas sat in first after his first run (andreas won last year as well). shaun then changed boards to his halfpipe board and did another....OK run but had a bit of a skid.

so, then he got bronze.
and i almost cried. and he was piiiiiisssssed, ive never seen shaun like that.
OH, baby.
thhhheeennnn... he does pretty well at the halfpipe qualifying, sitting in 2nd to go into the finals tomorrow night, but is a total jerk to Tina (the girl who does the reporting at the bottom of the pipe). it was totally awkward to watch an finally she just walked away. i know he is frazzled but stuff like that makes me really wonder. i've heard that he's super nice/cool and ive heard from other people that he's a total ass. i'd like to know, i really would.

anyways, in other news- tonight was my first night back to urban. hours were getting cut so we all had to leave by 11pm which was so weird because i suspected to be there until 1-2AM and they've never just had everyone leave like that. weeeird. but good too, i guess. i mean, i was already there so i'd rather have stayed and made the cash but it's always nice to get off too.

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