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i have a feeling its going to be one of those short/long weeks. you know.
the week is obvi a short week because of the holiday but i might as well have worked Monday because its gonna be a loooong week, for many a reason, my friends.

so thats why i put a little bright eyes in our lives. oh man...those lyrics, that face...swoon. (now, swoon again for good measure, dear.)

and for kicks, i had a funny/awesome/long ass convo with my kate the other night when i told her about my decision that any man in my life must LOVE "pushing daises," or at least be able to tell me why i love it so.

in other silly dealbreaker news, must love/appreciate:
ryan adams
woody allen
cameron crowe
marc jacobs.

so much to ask? eh- i dont care. i say NO.

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