i'm going to GA in the morning. im soooo excited, but--

*i havent packed yet and theres still lots to do (its 1:30AM, i have to be up at 7AM). theres a chance i wont go to sleep at all. damnit.
*i'm a little sad a didnt get to see my husband before i left town (or katie, david, josh+william and lauren)
*someone at work asked me to do something cool on wednesday night that i will miss out on
*believe it or not, i was a little sad leaving work tonight and i'll miss it while im gone, mostly because when i get back i will be working there VERY little and i really, really love the people.
*even though i am sure i wont get sick of it and that i'll have lots of fun and be glad i did it, i am going home for a LONG time and i dont have much money to spend while im there so im going to have to be seriously careful and that kinda stinks.

but yeah. i should prob get on that packing/cleaning. i always forget something and i hate leaving my room a wreck. im taking the bus to the airport (to save cash) and i honestly hope i make it because i have so much to carry its seriously going to be such a pain in the ass i'll prob want to kill myself for doing it halfway through.

ps- my DVD remote stopped working, which is random as hell. does this mean i have to buy a completly new DVD player!? ew.

there is seriously so much stuff on my floor, i should take a picture because ive never seen it so dirty!

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