morning saved, part sally.

not the right song just yet (having issues) but enough to slap a smile so big on my sticky face you'd swear id just been whispered lifes secrets.

real one.

but thats the thing, isnt it? despite the "alone" thing (ive been focusing on this more due to a few surprised persons in my life. and i just take that as flattery and dont dig, right?) i know the real and only reason ive gotten through these years is due to Captain Planet.

you were there when noone would listen. you believed in me when i was so sure i'd fail i had one foot on the plane already. you loved me when i hated myself. you talked to me at 3AM when i couldnt sleep. you invited me to be a part of your relationships when i couldnt get a date. you believe there is a person for me and that the waiting is only an indication of how good it'll be. you laugh at me when i dont understand social situations but then you always help me. you let atlanta be my real home and you always have a place for me.

matt -- you make me feel like a woman and that says so much. i believe because of you. and i dont know what id do without your ear, its been instrumental to me when all my girls are busy. and when theyre not, too. thanks for making me laugh.
elissa -- lil' momma. you take care of me like no man ever could. i love you to the moon and back.
lynds -- youre so much like me it scares the living daylights outta me. i love watching you blossom.
jessie -- you gave me a home and a shoulder in a time when i needed it most. we all know its really your loft i love, but thanks a million over for all your girliness and classy good taste.
sally -- my heart soars with pride for you and all youve done. youre the most kickass, awesome, HOT friend ever and i'm so in platonic love with your boyfriend, i'd just die if he werent with you!

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