can't go back now.

in the end the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself.

today, i'm moving into a house in atlanta. i made that choice, foggy headed and limbs partially tied, and im giving up left and right to keep it that way. i guess thats for a couple of reasons. mostly, i need to give atlanta a chance. that hasnt so much happened yet. i always wanted to be here because its where my friends were, but now i have to find my own reasons for staying. because as i anticipated, having my friends here is not enough. worthlessness ensues.

ONE YEAR. thats all i have to give it, and then i can leave again. and who knows where i will end up next. anyways. i better go move some boxes and start a pot of coffee. its going to be a long one. [but, hey, vacation tomorrow...]

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