awh, fuzzy.

me: god i love this guy and this song reminds me of you
Sent at 3:40 PM on Friday
mkeelan: i love this song/album
me: you should make me a mix, sir.
thats my bag
no rush, but if you ever think of it/enjoy that kind of thing. i dont have many musical friends here
mkeelan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl3V0dTRDvI
this is my fav on the album tho
i dunno what this rogue vid is
me: ha
i love crazy youtube fan vids
but yeah, thats my fave on the album too, believe it or not. i covered it, actually
mkeelan: wow really?
i didn't know you played music
woman of many talents
me: oh yeah. i wouldnt have the balls to put huge guitar ink on my arms if i couldnt jam. i just have anxiety so i cant perform in front of people. i mostly play in my bathtub
mkeelan: wow
that's kind of amazing
me: good acoustics
mkeelan: the imagery is endearing
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