lets just call it what it is.

shawn: hey there
did you get the check?
Sent at 1:53 PM on Wednesday
me: not yet
how are ya?
shawn: good
you should get it soon
sorry that it is taking so long
me: no, no. its ok!
shawn: how are things with you?
and have you heard from chris?
cause i have not
so i can email her again if she has not talked with you
me: this house is breaking me. just so much money goes in with rent/bills/furniture, etc. hope it stops soon!
and havent heard from chris
shawn: ok
well i will email her again
i know
moving and getting a place livable is so costly
there are just things you don't even think about
me: exactly. its a little never ending
has the time changed there yet?
Sent at 2:06 PM on Wednesday
shawn: no
i don't know when it is supposed to happen
so how are things with you?
Sent at 2:08 PM on Wednesday
me: up and down a lot right now
still in that limbo stage. some days i feel great, some days i feel totally tortured about the state of my life
i got my nyc trip planned though, thank god
i think having my stuff here will help. i had put it off b/c of the money but i just had to pull the plug
Sent at 2:10 PM on Wednesday
shawn: yeah
i can understand that
it think that will help make things feel more like home
me: yeah. maybe it will also be good for me to get to say a real goodbye
for some reason, im really missing nyc. its so ironic
shawn: seriously
me: loved the new blog post, btw!
god- it took forever
so long and getting all the pictures together
well we should take a weekend trip this summer
to nyc
i mean of course there would be things you will miss
what are your thoughts- i mean are you thinking you would want to move back
or are you just missing it
me: http://southerndropout.blogspot.com/2009/03/ok-i-admit-it.html
i think thats it
i think the only way i would move back again after this is if someone went with me. the only thing that really go be about that town was always being so alone
im paying 900$ to move here from nyc, so a part of me hopes i never go back....haha. but you never know
once my friends here leave and spread out, the point of being here will become less and less
shawn: yeah
that is true
who knows
i mean nyc is a special place
i can't see myself ever not missing it
but i know what you mean about being lonely there
it is really easy to be lonely there
cause there is just so much to do
me: its just funny/ironic for me because all i wanted when i was there was to come home, and ever since i moved home ive been missing it. its a grass is always greener complex
shawn: maybe you should just move somewehere else
like seattle
or something
me: yep
shawn: haha
after all of this
me: seattle is it, i think
shawn: i want to move there too
i mean roark and i almost did
at one point
me: if im honest with myself, i think i'll be in atlanta 1-3 years and then i'll move on. possibly back to nyc, but more likely to seattle or somewhere in california. and hopefully with someone, like a cute/nice boy!
shawn: hahaha
i mean you did not see this being a final move
from the start
you just wanted that time with your friends
so i would focus on that
make it worth the move
btw- how are things with the ever elusive man friend
me: ha! you tell me.

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