walrus love letters.

its done. a few of my faves didnt push through (and im still surprised not many love letters to people won) but overall it was a great batch. check out the winners and my favorite below.

Dear Journalism,

The thing is, I still love you.

My friends and family said you were bad for me. I ignored them. I thought you were just playing hard to get, that all that rejection was just part of the game. They tried to tell me you were only interested in one thing—cheap copy—but I didn't believe them. I plunged in, like a teenager, interested more in the thrill of the ride than in where it might end. And yes, we had some beautiful times.

But it's not what I thought, is it? Climbing volcanoes, rafting rivers, Land-Cruising through the jungle, except for the Land Cruiser, because expense accounts aren't what they used to be... You courted me, from time to time, with adventure, luring me from one wild romp to the next, knowing all the while I hoped it meant the start of something real. But now, years in, I know the truth. A string of one-night stands.

And yet—am I delusional?— I still think I hear love in your voice when you call, and a certain degree of tenderness when the checks are late. But it doesn't matter how gently you coo, "freelancer." It always feels like a dirty word. And no matter how many ultimatums I give you, you just won't make me your staff writer. You're not sure that's what you want, you say. You'd hate to ruin what we have.

I know you're estranged from your first staff writers, and I suspect that's why we've grown so close lately. I'm pretty sure that if they get up the courage to leave you, or you them, you'll start coming around more. You might even be willing to commit to a nice benefits package. But if you could still afford me, I could still afford my therapist, and she would tell me not to be duped by that renewed interest, that my devotion is worth more than 2 cents a word, dental or no dental, especially given the declining value of the dollar.

So I'm leaving you. I'm a strong, independent woman, who will go anywhere, do anything, chat up any warlord. You always say that's what attracted you to me. And in a twist of the painfully obvious irony you love, it's also why you'll lose me.
I am, alas, also human. We both know I will check your Facebook status updates, and for a few months, I'll hope that everyone is right and that you die.

But if you make it, and if you change your mind, look me up. I'll be in a predictable rebound relationship, over in P.R.

Ever – Jina

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