r.i.p., you.

"That's it. There won't ever be another Nirvana song, another Kurt Cobain performance, or another obscure artist I'll discover because of him. It was a crushing blow for pop music, for rock and roll, and for Gen X."
"I'm older now, and the all encompassing life-affirmation that kids derive from music on a daily basis is much harder to find. I've also spent the past 10-plus years writing about and covering music professionally, which can, unfortunately, zap some of the magic from the stacks of CDs I listen to every week. But I do believe that Cobain and Nirvana were pop music's last true game-changers, ushering in a scruffy, music-first rock and roll passion that almost instantaneously erased the abominations that were Winger and the rest of the Aqua Net hair metal goons."

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