relationship question.

i'd love to be in a relationship. i can say that now, for the first time in my life. but if im going to do it, to jump down that rabbit hole and make that huge commitment, i have to feel an equal force coming from the other side. i dont expect it to be a fairy tale, or perfect, but i do expect to be adored. i just do. is that bad? i dont think so.

i want to know that the person im with likes me. a lot. i dont want to spend 1/2 my time questioning it. i dont deserve that, no one does. because when someone likes you...when theyre crazy about you...they cant keep their hands off of you. they want you. they want to spend lots of time with you. they dont get sick of you at the drop of a hat or constantly annoyed with you. they dont need breaks. they just open their heart back at yours and allow themselves to fall. they dont apologize for wanting to be around you as much as possible. and they dont leave you feeling like youre walking on eggshells.

youll fight, youll have disagreements and youll prob even spend some time questioning the relationship at the start. but deep down, you know whether something is worth going for. it doesnt need to be analyzed, its right there on the tip of your heart. youre either feeling it or youre not. listen to that voice, and then commit to its choice. being lonely is not an excuse for using someone. even if you really, really want to like them. not fair.

and, i guess, my friends that this is the bottom line.

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