man problems.

he isn't talking to me. ever again. he deleted me off facebook and twitter, he told me off on gchat and he ignored the fuck out of me when i ran into him at the highland ballroom in atlanta. this twists my heart pretty tight, but i can't say that i'm surprised or even that i don't think that it may be for the best. i'll certainly miss the man who was once my very best friend. i also miss the other, who has gone with him.

i'm also in danger of losing him. also not totally surprising, but still very upsetting. perhaps more upsetting than the former. i dont know. he feels like a soulmate in a way that i've never had in my life before. i feel like i just want to talk to him forever. but it's complicated. in the end, i'll never get to have him the way i really want him [and no, not like THAT] and so maybe it's just all for the best. we'll see.

ran into him while at highland ballroom as well... and he's holding tight to his whole "too cool for school and you" act. i may never know what that is all about.

i miss my brother and i have no idea when i'll see him again.

clayton won't write me back.

marshall won't commit to plans.

josh and william have weirdly semi-disappeared into their move, rebuffing [well, ignoring!] my attempts to help them out.

he spent 3 days tearing up my heart and is now playing like all we ever were was just friends. and has promptly all but disappeared from my life. the girl he is seeing is adorable.

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