things i hate.

i dont know why, but im in a bit of a blah mood today. so, here are some things that bug me (if this depresses you, i keep a list of the little things i love on my page all of the time, so just check that out. haha):

-people telling me to quit bitting my nails. (i know its a bad, gross habit but ive done it my whole life and i dont know how to quit anymore. i try.)
-baths. (i dont find them relaxing and i actually think the idea is kind of gross.)
-people who tell me that smoking is "bad for me." REALLY? huh, i had no idea. i thought these things were awesome for me!
-little dogs (im sorry, but its true.)
-people who stay in abusive relationships, or that stay with someone that is mean to them or someone they dont really love. generally, i am bothered by people in bad situations who do nothing to fix it. (i realize that this is sometimes hard, but there are also times when people just dont want to be alone, and thats a little pathetic. and i can say that, because ive been there)
-family guy, the simpsons, seinfeld and the king of queens. i DO NOT find these funny and i honestly dont understand how anyone else does either.
-conservative assholes. (ok, you LOVE george bush and you think abortion is murder. thats fine, just dont talk to me.)
-people who act like doing a little blow in the bathroom at a club is no big deal. (seriously!?)
-milk. at least, drinking it. (obviously, i put it in my cereal and with cooking. but just big, tall glass of milk? EW.)
-people that drink ALL the time/alcoholics. (AND- people that dont understand that when i say i "dont really drink that much" i really mean, i dont really like to drink that much and could we please see a movie instead of going to that bar, AGAIN.
-dirtyness. (ok, you're a little unorganized, maybe even messy. i will try to deal. but dirty?....thats annoying. plus its disgusting.)
-junk emails and FWRDS.
-wishy-washy/flakey people.
-dating sites. (thats a personal, for me thing. i realize that they work for so many people and some of my fave couples met online, but i had to do it once for a story - that never got published, mind you- and i wanted to DIE.)
-the fact that you cant get sweet tea (among other things) in NYC.
-when i have cigs but no lighter, or a lighter but im out of cigs. esp. after a long day. UGH.
-guys that wear the same ugly shoes everyday. seriously, i HATE bad shoe taste and this seems to be a bigger prob with guys (although, of course, sometimes girls make me cringe too.)
-religious, pushy people.
-complicated video games. i loose my patience
-trying to watch zach play football. i get pissed when they dont put him in but i get pissed when they do put him in and he gets hit really hard. i start pacing my flat with worry.
-people who always say "im bored." (i DO NOT believe in that shit, but i will save that for another blog.)
-the fact that the "pushing daises" pilot isnt online anymore
-my slow, old computer. i need a new one, but i cant afford it. (i cant afford anything, natch.)
-people who borrow things and dont give them back.
-bratty kids. (my parents beat the living shit out of me when i acted up. not saying that this was the best answer, but i hate when people "baby" their children.)
-the fact that there is nothing in WH. i miss the east village every single day.
-when the subway acts a fool.
-the fact that lightbulbs blow out in like 2 weeks in my flat.
-thanksgiving. (i'm nearly half native american, its basically the slaughter of my people. and dont get me started on how annoying it was to find out, AFTER THE FACT, that i could have gone to college for free. for some reason, i am reminded of this mostly at thanksgiving. haha.)
-the fact that sallie mae thinks i can pay $1,000 a month towards my student loans. i cant, so they have put me in forb. and call me daily to remind me i am delinquent. fuck you, sallie mae. fuck you.
-my mom guilt tripping me and nagging me about the way i look.
-one of my jobs, but i'll keep which to myself. basically, i think its insane that i still work there for what i make/what i do. but, i need the money. so. i guess i cant complain too much.
-when people disappear off the face of the planet/from your life. its happened to me a few times, including recently. i think its rude and selfish.
-the fight for financial freedom. not to be whiny, but being in NY made this hard for me. i never really knew the difference, but now that nearly everyone i know has money (or is at least doing OK) its hard to be happy with just getting by. i wish i could (for just like one week) know what its like to not have to spend ten minutes deciding if i can afford coffee on the way to work.

whoa, lets stop there for now.

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