brunch would be nice.

this was an interesting week.
other than the fun filled days at urban (i finally met the loss prevention guy and he's really nice), i got to spend a lot of quality time with my main man jamie, who is as cute as ever.

i had two interviews today to work on a couple more websites and im really confused about what to do. but that major decision wont come until next week, so stay tuned.

ive been addicted to "saved by the bell" lately. im on the 5th season. that stuff cracks me up.

my friend from high school is moving here too, she is supposed to get here tomorrow..so hopefully i will see her soon. i havent seen her in ages so that should be fun.

i might have to go work on a house tomorrow (doing some freelance interior design stuff) so i should prob. go to bed.

its freezing in NY ....and rainy. the worst. i miss warmth already. not being able to control the temp in my flat SUCKS.

also, the veins in my hand freak me out. they stick out a lot. isnt that bad?

weekend, here i come.

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