i'm not gonna lie to you.

after what i would consider a pretty good day, i came home to an empty flat.

which means, of course, that i cranked matchbox twenty's new song "how far we've come" and danced in my underwear all over the house.
it was awesome.

today i returned to the lynton house (where we shot the movie in august) to help audri redecorate. its going to look great and although its odd to be there, im still in awe. this is the nicest townhouse ive ever been into in my life, needless to say the nicest place in new york. anyways, it seriously needs an overall and im glad im able to help. i really love doing this stuff and i hope jacq calls me back so we can finish her place, because its going to look great too!

i stopped by urban after to get my schedule (its still freezing outside, esp. after walking 11 blocks.) only 15 hours again, but thankfully ive got a full week otherwise, so its fine. i'm supposed to see betsy, amanda, diana and josh this week- and i totally hope it works out. josh's birthday is tues and hes having a dinner thursday in jersey city, so i should def. be seein' him and william and a few other choice favorites.

in bad news, erin totally caught me on my smoking indoors thing. UGH, i know. but after moving to new york i was alloweed to smoke in the dorms. and so i did- for 3 and a half years. i knew that when i moved into my new flat that i wanted to stop doing it (because it makes everything smell and the smoke bothers erin.) it was easy when it was warm and i could just pop outside, but with a lot of late night deadlines and the freezing cold, its hard to consistantly make myself go outside once in my PJ's. so ive just been popping open the window in my room. but yeah, apparently that ain't workin out so ive got to stop, which is a good thing..its just going to be hard. but maybe i will smoke less, which is great (duh.)

i keep going back and forth on how many netflix movies i should have. i'm burning through them lately, but i was slow for awhile. i sent all 3 back this morning (they all sucked, any suggestions people?)

i was looking forward to an all day movie marathon with jones tomorrow, but ive gotta work on the lynton house and then go to urban at night. so no movies. maybe later in the week.

they play the best music on "supernatural"...which is a surprise but true.
speaking of music, ive been listening to the georgetown college radio a lot lately (i know, random. jones' brother has a show on there though.) its easy to use, you just get it on your itunes and then listen away. you should check it out:
also, jones and i pulled out all my christmas vinyl and we've been jamming to that (like, while we cleaned out the fridge which looks ooooohhh, so nice.)

speaking od fridge cleaning (i'm on a roll tonight!), i had a bit of a panic attack during. you see, i'm not scared of much. not heights, the dark, or the ocean. not snakes, or spiders, or any bugs really. BESIDES MAGGOTS. i hate them. when i see them i feel like they are crawling all over me.
anyways, i was cleaning out the pantry, throwing out expired food and i opended a thing of bread crumbs thingys (or whatever the fuck it was) and they were everywhere. SO, i promptly threw the box down and ran away in horror. jones thought i had fallen off the chair i was standing on.
she cleaned it up, as she is afraid of most of the aforementioned things, but not maggots- apparently.
i'm still not over it.

so, here it is. a list of things i am scared of:
-public speaking (unless its for my mentoring stuff, for some reason- i guess power- that doesnt bother me as much)
-snorkeling (i'll do it, but i get really paranoid because the goggles make everything look closer than it is)
-flying (but really, only when the plane takes off and lands)
-being the center of attention (hence the public speaking bit)
-confrentation (i dont like fighting and i HATE when people i care about are mad at me, esp. when they dont tell me why. so i guess as much as i hate conf., i'd rather that then have the silent treatment)
-math (including, but not limited to: doing my taxes, filling out forms for work, ringing people up at urban, dealing with any kind of money, tipping, loan/cc stuff and guessing the measurements of things-- ugh, thats prob the worst.)
-running into certain people when i am back in GA
-someone slitting my throat (i know this sounds random, but there is a reason. about 75% of the time, i actually sleep with my hands on my collarbone.)
-running out of money, not being able to pay rent and loosing all of my stuff (yeah, its just stuff-- but a lot of it means a lot to me and i've already lost so much in the past.)

i think thats about it.
so bring on the snakes and tarantulas (i love them). let me go sky diving anytime and leave me in the flat alone at night anytime.

just don't let me near a maggot.

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