ruined by noon.

today was a horrible, no good, very bad day.

in comparison to much of my life, it was actually nothing. it was silly, really. but you know those days i'm speaking of, right? maybe nothing seriously goes badly, but right from the start you wake up just knowing...yuck, this isnt your day? and then its just a bunch of little things that pile up and before you know it you just want to pull your hair out....and over what? i always feel silly for letting those days upset me, but sometimes they get to me more than the singular bad event.

in short order, i was yelled at for being 15 minutes late to work (no, i didnt call. i got on the wrong subway -- long story-- and so i was underground. so sue me.) i was wearing heels, which seemed like a good idea this morning, but after about thirty minutes my feet started throbbing. worse than ever in my life and i seriously (hey! fair warning about the silly whining) thought i was going to cry. if i could cry. but...we all know i cant. which is just the icing on the cake, isnt it?

the heel thing wouldnt matter so much, as i usually dont stray far from the fitting room. but instead i was back and forth from receiving all day. we have concrete floors, so i was sounding like a high school teacher coming down the hallway.

i guess i could name a series of events that happened at work, but basically it was the worst day ive had there and i suddenly felt very disliked. the place was totally slammed and i couldnt keep up with any of my visual projects because customers kept throwing clothes into a pile on the work bench and leaving fitting rooms looking like a hurricane went through. SO- right there, in the fitting rooms, 40 mins before i got off, i had a full on panic attack. my first in a month. if youve never witnessed that, youre lucky.

anyways, yuck. on my way out of the store i found out that you-know-who has a girlfriend. and then, on the way home, that the other you-know-who? yep, he's got one too. FUCK ME. i proceeded to overact just a tad. and then i missed my subway stop by 3 stops.

back at home, things got a little better.
like, i got to take my shoes off.
but no mail, ugh. i hate no mail days.

hey, at least i looked HOT today. i mean, if i may so say myself (and i can because i never do.)

good things that happened to day:
yummy/free dinner
"felicity" marathon with jones
movie theatre marathon planned for tomorrow
andi is HERE. and i get to see her in less than 24 hrs.
see next entry. :)

i need more food. heres hoping your day was better!

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